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Twitter changes

Okay so I’m changed up my twitter handle @EMPcast will now have all comic talk for the podcast. @TheCrowlCall will have all the music recommends which will start back on Monday! Send me suggestions #theCrowlCallMusic

#TheCrowlCall song of the day!  Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield  #PatBenatar

#TheCrowlCall song of the day!  Spragga Benz featuring Wayne Wonder - Bounce Along  

NSFW #TheCrowlCall song of the day!  2 Pac - Shed So Many Tears #2Pac

#theCrowlCall Song of the day.  Brian McKnight - Anytime #BrianMcKnight

Dear Lifehacker,I like Apple hardware, but it doesn’t run cheap and I’m not sure I want to use OS X. I know I can run Windows, but am I wasting money purchasing a Mac if I’m not using it as a Mac? When does it make sense to buy Apple hardware instead of a standard PC?

#TheCrowlCall Song of the day!  Lifehouse - Breathing  #lifehouse

#TheCrowlCall song of the day!  Unknown - A Deus from Grandia 2 Video Game #Grandia2

#TheCrowlCall song of the day! Tanto Metro and Devonte - Everyone Falls In Love

#TheCrowlCall song of the day!  Taking it back to the 80s!  Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a Place on Earth